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7 Mobile Caregiver Apps For Guidance, Coordination, and Support

7 Mobile Caregiver Apps For Guidance, Coordination, and Support

The role of a caregiver requires a careful balance of many competing responsibilities and expectations. The daily challenge of navigating these demands can invite stress and burnout. Modern technology has emerged to offer some welcome relief in the form of caregiver apps, which have the potential to offer practical and emotional support. 

A well-designed app can make the caregiving process a little easier by consolidating contact information and schedules into a central location on your smartphone. The right mobile caregiver app or other tech may also make your loved one a little safer. If you are a caregiver who might benefit from such a tool, below are the top apps on the market today.

Get the Support You Need With These 7 Caregiver Apps

1. Caring Village

Keeping track of all of the data involved in caregiving is overwhelming. From documents to medications, the sheer amount of tracking involved requires a tremendous amount of time. These pieces of information are vital to the individual's well-being, so they should be closely followed. Caring Village provides storage and tracking from one caregiver mobile app platform, assigning these items in one location. It also allows the caregiver to make caregiving task lists to easily coordinate care with care partners.

2. Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands gives caregivers a central tool to organize caregiving duties with others who are sharing the responsibilities. This caregiver app also allows a designated team of caregivers to privately message each other, providing support and care for an often challenging journey. Sharing details about an individual’s health with a caregiving team is made easy. 

3. Caregiven

Caregiven provides information curated by experienced caregivers that helps users spend less time searching for data to answer questions. Information is presented as easy-to-digest guidance written in everyday language, which helps caregivers understand what they need to develop a plan for caregiving. The app also provides a chatbot that evaluates the emotional state of a caregiver before guiding them to the right resources for their stage in the caregiving journey.

4. Aidaly

Aidaly is an app that aims to provide family caregivers with the support, training, and compensation they need to deliver high-quality care in the home. The primary goal is for users to connect with a coach and resources that might help them get paid quickly for delivering care. From financial advice to tailored training and care coaching, Aidaly is designed to help caregivers provide better care and simplify payments, both which encourage peace of mind.

5. Medisafe

Medication tracking is a challenging part of caregiving, as the person being cared for may forget to take medications at the right time, and caregivers may struggle to communicate about medication needs. Medisafe can help. This app has an alarm to remind the person when to take medications, and it also provides notifications about prescriptions to trigger caregivers who order refills. When all medications are entered into the app, it will send alerts if there are any particular interactions between drugs.

6. eCare21

You can’t be on guard 24/7 against changes in vitals or sleeping habits, but some caregiver apps can, and eCare21 is one of these. It provides remote monitoring of vital signs, sleep and activity patterns, and other health indicators through the person's wearable device. It also provides a platform for electronic health visits when problems arise.

7. RxSaver

Help your loved one save money on medications with this caregiver app. It quickly compares pricing and medication alternatives so you can find the best option. The app also connects users to coupons which will add to their savings. RxSaver helps caregivers save time with a one-stop search feature for medications and coupons.

If you identify yourself as a caregiver, a mobile caregiver app could be the right tool to make your job a little easier. Each of these apps is useful in various ways, but Caregiven is a great option if you need broad unbiased information about caregiving. If you want resources at your fingertips that are easy to understand and implement, then sign up for Caregiven today.